November 22, 2009

Patton Oswalt/The Melvins
Chunklet Split 7" - 2006

Today I'm offering up a quick little split 7" from Patton Oswalt and The Melvins.

Side A is Patton Oswalt's 'The Two Dumbest Cunts In The World' which pretty much consists of him berating a chick who is talking on her cell phone during one of his shows. A lot of it is him trying to figure out why she would pay to come to a comedy show then proceed to talk to someone else through out it. "Fuck you, liver!" Priceless!

The other side has two locked grooves of The Melvins' aural assault in the form of a Sonics cover, 'Boss Hoss'. It's a good little punk rock number that is given the Melvins usual shit-soaked noise treatment. Drop the needle and randomly get one groove or the other. One of the grooves is the songs in it's regular version, 'Boss Hoss'; The other is the song backwards, 'Ssoh ssob'.

Download and Enjoy!

Track listing:
Side A (Patton Oswalt):
1. The Two Dumbest Cunts In The World

Side B (Melvins):
1. Boss Hoss
2. Ssoh ssob

Download Patton Oswalt/Melvins Split 7" from DivShare (18.7 MB)

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