June 10, 2009

Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes
Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes-1975

Have you ever wondered what Sgt. Pepper would sound like if Paul was a gay hair dresser from the Bronx and John was a doo-wop record producer from Belleville, NJ, or if instead of discovering acid and eastern religions they found ecstasy and homosexuality? If they had been listening to Casablanca Records instead of Motown ones? Me neither, but apparently the answer is simply “better”.

I found this record in a pile of albums someone was throwing out and knew nothing about it when I dropped the needle on it. There is almost no (useful) information on the sleeve other than “starring” Sir Monti Rock III and Bob Crewe's name is on it as producer. It also features Jerry Corbetta of Sugarloaf (a surprising better name than Chocolate Hair). Bob Crewe is the doo-wop record producer I mentioned earlier and Sir Monti Rock III (born Joseph Montanez Jr.) is the gay hairdresser turned vocalist. It just gets stranger and stranger.

Really though, with a record like this all that other stuff is unimportant. The only thing that matters is the groove and the ridiculous lyrics. Just download it and listen. Go ‘head and try to get the chorus from 'jam band' out of your head. If you are not dancing along with this you are either dead or far to straight for your own good.

This album is available on CD but the awesomeness of this record and the complaints on Amazon.com about the sound quality of the CD makes me feel justified putting it up on this site. I sincerely hope everyone downloads and plays the shit out of this record.

"Come on, let your wig get wet!"

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Jam Band
2. Get Dancin'
3. Medley: Shirley Wood/Around The World
4. Outrageous
5. Jam Band Reprise

Side B:
1. I Wanna Dance Wit' Choo (Doo Dat Dance)
2. (I See Your) Name Up In Lights
3. Love Is A Killer
4. Boogie Flap
5. Jam Band Reprise

Download Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes from DivShare(26.02 MB)

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