July 22, 2009

P-Funk All Stars
Urban Dancefloor Guerillas-1983

By 1983 George Clinton's Sprawling P-Funk empire had, for the most part, declined past what is generally accepted as it's peak years. Parliament and Funkadelic had already released their final albums and the entire U.S. funk mob had been dropped from Warner Brothers. George had released a 'solo' album, 1982's Computer Games, which was really just a collection of songs that were intended for a 2 record version of Funkadelic's The Electric Spanking Of War Babies the year before. After Warner Brothers had chopped the album down to one record (like they would do to Prince in the near future) George decided to move to Capitol Records and release the extra songs as a 'solo' album. Never one to just coast, George did what he does best; Regroup the troops so he could issue a classic FUNK Manifesto and continue the war to rescue dance music from the BLAHS.

Just looking at the back of this record, I could tell it was going to be a winner. Each track is credited to different producers and it reads like a P-Funk hall of fame roster. Some of the names are George Clinton (obviously),Gary Shider, Walter Morrison, William "Bootsy" Collins and Sylvester Stewart. That's right, The one and only Sly Stone makes a triumphant return to Uncle Jam's Army. I loved the little bit of work he did on the War Babies "Funk Gettin' Stronger" tracks, but it just left me wanting more.

This record proves that George did some of his best work in the years after what most people think of as classic Parliament/Funkadelic. The early 80s was really one of the most focused time periods for George. He had moved past the schizophrenic sound of Funkadelic and the silly mythology of Parliament and now just had one mission; Get some asses shakin'!

I need to point out that today, July 22nd, is not only George Clinton's Birthday, but also my own. If any one out there needs to get me a birthday present, the jacket pictured on the cover of this record would do nicely.

Below is the manifesto from the linear notes, complete with grammatical errors:


A declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE from the Urban Dancefloor Guerillas.

Attention War Babies! For the past two years the leaders of the movement to rescue dance music fro the BLAHS, affectionately known to the public as UNCLE JAM'S ARMY, have been forced to carry on their campaign against the fake FUNK from the lowest level of reality, going underground and choosing to shake the established music industry with hits where it hurts – on the dancefloor. And now as the war cries of "WOOF" are being shouted from every club and concert dancefloor across the ONE NATION, the people most affected by the system's onslaught of repetitious mind-numbing cow-like moosick are now totally stirred up against such trash. Most of all they need the FUNK, and nothing but the P.

So this militia of urban dancefloor guerillas have identified themselves as the true DANCING TERRORISTS, THE P. FUNK ALL-STARS. And although they might also be found as member of Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band, the Brides, Horny Horns, et. al., it's still the U.S. FUNK MOB.

Now we make this declaration of Interdependence: WE NEED EACH OTHER. Become an urban dancefloor guerilla: Make your presence on the dancefloor known. So although other may claim to be cold-blooded, beg you to jam, or promise to make you dance, don't monkey around. GORILLA your way to the true groove, for only the P.FUNK can pump it up. We need you as a part of UNCLE JAM'S ARMY's division of DANCING-TERRORISTS, the URBAN DANCEFLOOR GUERILLAS. The rhythm of vision is a dancer and, in the face of our predicament, dancing– or not dancing as the case may be– is the biggest and strongest statement we can make.

We send this challenge to all the imitators and duplicators. THROW DOWN!!! Our Urban Dancefloor Guerillas led by the P. FUNK ALL-STARS shall thrash dance across the land, showing no mercy, snatching some booties but taking no prisoners.


Yours on the one,

Be a DANCING-TERRORIST! Join the URBAN DANCEFLOOR GUERILLAS today and become a member of the U.D.G. Write:

444 Lincoln Blvd. #251
Venice, Ca. 90291

Be sure to save your proof of registration or future goodies.


One can only wonder what the 'future goodies' might have been.

Download and enjoy!

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Generator Pop
2. Acupuncture
3. One Of Those Summers
4. Catch A Keeper

Side B:
1. Pumpin' It Up
2. Copy Cat
3. Hydraulic Pump

Download Urban Dancefloor Guerillas from DivShare(46.3 MB)


roy rocket said...

Hey, good luck with this, man.
Although you are rather an intermittent poster I will glance your way - after all there's not really a great deal of difference between Parliament and the Magic Band now is there?
Shanti, roy

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