October 20, 2010

Jean Knight
You Think You're Hot Stuff - 1971

This week is WFMU's 'Singles Going Steady' week to get ready for the record fair October 22nd though 24th so I'll be putting up a different 7" every day.

No, It's not "Mr. Big Stuff" but it might as well be. It's the same artist, it's got similar groove with similar lyrical content, hell it's even on the same album, but it's not the same song.

The B side is yet another song about someone named Jody. I just love Jean Knight's voice and shes sounds so angry on this one. She's yelling at her man for taking shit about her lover, 'Jody'. Ooohhhh-wheeeeee!

Download and Enjoy!

Track listing:
Side A:
1. You Think You're Hot Stuff

Side B:
1. Don't Talk About Jody

Download You Think You're Big Stuff STA-0105 from DivShare (4.58 MB)

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