November 19, 2010

Sly & The Family Stone
Ain't But The One Way - 1982


This is Sly's last album. period. He didn't even really finish this one, so I can't imagine he'd be slightly interested in even thinking about doing another.

Sly had been accepted into the P-Funk fold by this point and after their work together on War Babies, George was slated to produce a record and get both musicians back on Warner Brother's good graces. When the shit went down between Warner Bothers and Brother George, Sly just disappeared. Gone. That was it.

WB then called in Stewart Levine to try to make a record out of what was recorded. I don't think he did too bad of a job. It's probably easier to produce a Sly record without Sly. Some of this record gets bogged down by Stewie trying to apply a glossy disco sound to Sly's drug induced ramblings, but it still, deep down in the grooves, feels like a Sly record; More so than the previous two, if you ask me.

It would have been interesting to hear this if it was recorded as more of a collaboration with George Clinton, eh.?

Track listing:
Side A:
1. L.O.V.I.N.U.
2. One Way
3. Ha Ha, Hee Hee
4. Hobo Ken

Side B:
1. Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are
2. You Really Got Me
3. Sylvester
4. We Can Do It
5. High, Y'all

Download Ain't But The One Way from DivShare (30.95 MB)

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