November 26, 2010

The Temptations
Wings Of Love - 1976


Sly?!!?! What'dya mean? This is a Temps record. Sly ain't anywhere on it?

WRONG!!!! maybe..... There is some discrepancy around this record. I'm going to present the case for Sly being a part of this record because I want him to be.

1976 Sly Stone was in trouble, but then again when wasn't he in trouble? The Family Stone was done and so was Sly's commercial success. The Temptations were in the same boat. Sales had been slumping for a while and with Norman Whitfield out the picture Motown was looking for someone to replace him as producer. Sly was trying to get his sister, Rose, a record deal with Motown so he made a trade; Motown would put out Rose Banks' record and he'd assemble The Family Stone for a Temps record. It seems he only really worked on the first side of the record though.

I've heard that he used the name Truman Thomas to avoid paying taxes on any money made from record sales. It's just crazy enough to be something Sly would do.

But Truman Thomas could also be Jackie Wilson's organist.....

This is one of those records whose first side is funky and the other is sweet. Side one is great. It's probably one of the last consistently amazing things Sly has done. The other side is, well....hmmm. I like it. It's good. It's got this epic 'prog' kind of feel to it, but is it the Temptations?

judge for yourself...

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Sweet Gypsy jane
2. Sweetness In The Dark
3. Shakey Ground
4. Up The Creek (Without A Paddle)
5. China Doll

Side B:
1. Mary Ann
2. Dream World (Wings Of Love)
3. Paradise

Download Wings Of Love from DivShare (28.00 MB)

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