February 10, 2011

Negativa [EP] - 2006

So it looks like this is out of print now.

I'm not sure at all why this isn't a Gorguts album but it isn't. It's Luc and Steeve's new band but it really just sounds like a continuation of where they left off. There is some ambient stretches and some parts that are almost rock n roll, but really nothing that would have been out of place on a new Gorguts record. Even more confusing is the fact that they are now touring as Gorguts. I just don't get it. There wasn't really any danger of alienating their audience, they already did that in 2001 with their amazing Obscura album).

No matter what, it's a pretty cool little EP. If you liked the last two Gorguts albums you like this enough. Honestly, Obscura and From Wisdom To Hate are better, but this is still worth purchasing if you can find it.

Download and Enjoy!

Track listing:
from CD:
1. Chaos In Motion
2. Taedium Vitae
3. Rebellion

Download Negativa from DivShare (45.70 MB)

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