November 23, 2009

Maximum Perversion - 1997

Below is a guest post courtesy of Mr. Von Grimm of I'll Stop My Drinking When You Stop Being A Bitch. Head on over and check out his posts. I highly recommend the 'Letters To The Dead' segments. The man is weaving a tapestry of characters. No really I think he might be keeping people in his basement with the intent to create some sort of clothing out of them. If you don't believe me read the post below. Or just go to his blog and laugh your ass off....

mephiskapheles was a ska band from the early 1990's. as their name suggests, their lyrics had a lot to do with the dark lord of the pit, Satan. yes, ska music. you know, chick a chick a, chick a chick a,hup-hup-hup. you did that dance that looked like you were picking loose change off the floor. man, just shut your mouth and stop judging me. yeah, i wore a suit and went to bosstones shows. you think you're better than me? i will break your ankle, punk. HA, see how i worked that in there!? ahhhhhhhHHHHHHHH, you don't care.

Mephiskapheles put out three albums and did a cover of celtic frost's necromantical screams. i decided to review the middle of the three albums, maximum perversion. their first album, God Bless Satan, was a full out great ska album and awesome to describe to your mom when she was going through your things in your room. Maximum Perversion was a hybrid album. it still had elements of ska but heavily mixed in was a solid jazz influence. The band was always horns heavy, and that's not a bad thing. Devil trombones and satanic saxophones permeate the album and fully describe to you the essence of sound the band was vying for. going through the track listing, i remember thinking it hilarious putting on demon weed, then smoking pot for the first time in my room with my friend, while playing street fighter two. he was chun li and i was vega, then my mom bust into the room and i sold her on the lie that we were burning incense. HAHAHAHAHHA, shit, i can't believe i though i would win with vega! g-o-d-d-o-g! the highlight of the album is sate. turn it up. as far as it can go. it is two minutes and three seconds of fury. when we went to shows there was always some asshole in sweatpants and flip flops who do the 'adrenalin rush' part way too early. and not just once, he realized he got it early, then said it again, then the band would play it, and you hoped that while you were dancing, he wasn't in the darkness sweating watching you move. there were eight people in the band at the time of making this album. it was recorded on Moon Ska records who also released albums by the pietasters, the toasters, and mustard plug.
you know dude, you really need to stop. i will mash your face into a jelly. hey, i see an ace of base cd in your bookshelf, how about we discuss why you like to tuck your sack back behind your legs then do the buffalo bill dance in front of the mirror. i'd fuck me. no? ok then.

the band broke up shortly after their release of might-ay white-ay in 1999. they played with the blue meanies,the slackers, inspector 7, edna's goldfish, etc. if you saw these guys live then you know how good they were. please enjoy this album and seek out their others. hail satan.

Track listing:
from CD:
1. Attack Of The Geniuses
2. Break Your Ankle Punk
3. Bad Toupée
4. Satan On The Beach
5. Aliens
6. Sate
7. Demon Weed
8. Introducing The Yellow Passion
9. Foursome
10. Snack Pack
11. Plan B
12. Turtle Soup
13. Scram

Download Maximum Perversion from DivShare (80.05 MB)


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