February 1, 2010

Vitus Von Degen
Via Dante Alighieri - 2009

Posting an album like this is somewhat of an unprecedented move round these parts. This was never released on vinyl and is probably only a couple of months old.

Let me explain.
I have been cutting back on my spending in order to pay off some debts (how mature of me). I figured with all the music blogs I subscribe to and with the addition of The Free Music Archive, I didn't really need to be buying records at the rate I was. I'm sure a lot of you know about the Free Music Archive and their blog. I'm not posting about the Archive so if you don't know anything about it read up on your own.

No; The purpose of this post, other than prevent me from putting on Otis Redding records and crying into a glass of gin, is to let you know about Vitus Von Degen's Via Dante Alighieri album. There. Now you know about him. Or her. Or them. I don't know. Really. I've just told you all I know about this record. As I mentioned above I've been getting my music off the internet lately and part of that involves browsing the FMA. Thankfully I stumbled across this gem a few days ago. The FMA's site describes it as "the soundtrack of an imaginery[sp] Italian Giallo from the early 80s. A tribute to Goblin and John Carpenter music." but honestly, I hear way more than that in it. There are traces of Vangelis, Burzum, Stockhausen, Angelo Badalamenti and even Afrika Bambaataa in here. It sounds like this record has been soaking in a vat of everything related to horror, Italy, electronica, drugs and fast cars for about 25 years.

Anyone interested in Old-school Synths should hear this record. This isn't your Giorgio Moroder main-stream synth sound (although i do love that). It's the Wendy/Walter Carlos, Bob Moog; hell, even Joe Meek evolution of sound. Whoever made this is in love with sound. Sweat dripping over little tiny knobs and pulsing fader lights on an old prophet keyboard. It sounds like what The Phantom Of The Paradise should have been.

A lot of this John Carpenter knock-off stuff lacks soul. I really think that's what set's this record apart. I can feel a person crafting these inhuman sounds; much like the feeling I get listening to Kraftwerk. Digital, but still alive.

Stop reading and click the fucking link. or go to Ego Twister Records site and try to find a link to buy this from them. While you are at it I suggest listening to the new Secret Chiefs 3 album Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini

I promise I'll fix the drunk typos in the morning. Or not...

Track listing:
from CD:
1. The Diesel People
2. Pulse
3. The Firenze Incident
4. Black Gloves
5. Liquid Drugs
6. Oath OF Blood
7. Countach
8. The Two-Headed Saint
9. Hidden Behind The Giorgione Painting
10. Pieta

Download Via Dante Alighieri from Free Mucus Archive (872.5 MB)

Via Dante Alighieri by Vitus Von Degen is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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