March 4, 2010


Seriously. Go pledge some money to WFMU right now. It's hands down the greatest thing to ever happen to the world. yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Oreo's. The Cotton Gin. Hover boots. They are all shit compared to WFMU (except maybe hover boots, those are cool as hell).

For real. Don't tune in and drop out. Tune in and pay some fuckin' attention. Downtown Soulville, My Castle Of Quiet, 7 Second Delay, Nardward, J.M. in the A.M., The Best Show, Scott Willams, Strength Through Failure, Glen Jones & X-Ray Burns, etc.

It really doesn't get any better than this. Completely listener supported. That means they can play Captain Beefheart and Black Sabbath back to back at 7:30 am on a Wednesday. Or talk about the Kennedy assassination for an hour on a Tuesday at 6pm. Where else does that happen? Not NPR!!!! Click here to see the donation price breakdowns, click here to donate or just click here to listen. It'll be free all the time.

God save WFMU. No, he can't. It's up to us!!!!!!


brainpang said...

Dang, I wanted to contribute during Fabio and Bryce's shows but I got sidetracked. Guess it will have to be during Glenn & X-Ray's tomorrow. Or maybe the reggae guy. I'm sure he could use it!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where to find Potato's 777 album?