February 26, 2011

The Joe Harriott Double Quintet
Indo-Jazz Suite - 1966

I was listening to the show Give The Drummer Some on WFMU this morning and heard a cut from Joe Harriott and Amancio D'Silva's sublime Hum-Dono album. Unfortunately I don't own it so I can't post it, but I can offer an equally awesome album until someone gets me a copy.

This is Joe Harriott's Quintet playing Indian Ragas with John Mayer's Quartet (plus a flutist; hence the double quintet moniker). These aren't your average Raga's though. Yeah, you have a Sitar droning the tonic and tablas playing their groups of 2's and 3's, but you also have free form drums, piano and bass pounding out a 4 beat along with it. It's really something special. At times it sounds a little derivative but you have to keep in mind that this is where it was all figured out. This isn't what's derivative, it's where everything is derived from.

Download and get yer Raga going.....

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Overture
2. Contrasts

Side B:
1. Raga Megha
2. Raga Gaud-Saranga

Download Indo-Jazz Suite from DivShare (69.46 MB)


Anonymous said...

Fun Fact: Joe's brother Derrick was in the biz, too. Reggae singer, producer AND most importantly, a record shop owner.

gilhodges said...

Do you have evidence that Joe and Derrick were related, let alone brothers. If so, I'd love to see it.

Inconstant Sol posted Hum Dono

Anonymous said...

Hi gilhodges -- Sorry, no internet proof, only direct conversation with the nephew of the 2. best, bp