February 20, 2011

No Trend
Too Many Humans... - 1984

So I really don't know much about these guys. My good friend, Brainpang, gave me this and another No Trend album to digitize for him. Pretty much anything he's ever handed to me has been awesome so, of course, this is too.

This is what Flipper would sound like if they were involved in the DC punk scene. Awesome, right? The only difference is that Flipper comes off as trying to be annoying while No Trend is just tough. Flipper was having a good time; these guys are pissed off. But i guess there was a lot to be angry about in DC in the early 80s.

If you want more info check out this page over at NY Press. There is quite a bit more over there than I could ever say about this band.

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Family Style
2. Blow Dry
3. Kiss Ass To Your Peer Group
4. Fashion Tips For The 80's
5. Do As You're Told

Side B:
1. Too Many Humans
2. For The Fun Of It All
3. Mindless Little insects
4. Happiness Is...

Download Too Many Humans from DivShare (64.82 MB)


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this came out in '84 maybe early '85. Around the same time as the Buttholes "psychic...powerless"
I can assure you that all rock music was downhill from there that year! Maybe still is?

-d said...

Thanks. I read through the link I posted to the article on NY Press and that says 1984. Between that and an anonymous comment I'm convinced it's '84. I used '83 because there was a handbill in the album sleeve for a tour of November '83. Idon't know why they'd be promoting past dates, though...

thanks for the info. I just changed the date on it.

SeqMan said...

Ah, found this..I just completed my own restoration/digitization from original vinyl of this and Teen Love 7", both were obtained in early fall 1983 I believe, prior to the Novemeber 1983 tour. Both releases were "home brew", very lo fi, I did my best to liven the mix...teen love represents the pinnacle of angst art punk..but to me Too Many Fucking Humans is a mantra that I still sing all these years later when driving on Route 95