March 1, 2011

No Trend
Teen Love [EP] - 1983


Here is more from DC's No Trend. Did you like the last one I posted? If so, you'll like this. If not you'll think it's really annoying punk rock music. Even for punk rock music.

Man these guys really hate everything, huh? Good. That's where punk rock music should come from, right? It's very easy to see why these guys were ostracized from every scene. Just read this account from the NY Press website.

"We’d play ‘Mindless Little Insects’ and I’d walk around with a mirror and put it in people’s faces. We came out with a big drop cloth that had wet paint running down it at Danceteria. For some reason, I had my body wrapped in aluminum foil and covered with shaving cream. We had the strobe light going and I was just this giant, reflective white blob running around behind this clouded plastic with dripping paint. Of course, as I crashed into that, the whole thing came down on all these people in their best little new-wave outfits."

NOW THAT'S PUNK! All those Dischord Records band got nuthin' on No Trend.

Thanks to Brainpang for hookin' me up with this one.....

Track listing:
Side A:
1. Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease
2. Cancer
3. Die

Side B:
1. Teen Love
2. (untitled)

Download Teen Love from DivShare (64.82 MB)

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