March 2, 2011


WFMU's annual fund drive is up and running right now. Go pledge money to them to make sure they can keep operating for at least another year. It really is amazing that in 2011 something like this can exist. In a world where everything is owned and operated by one of four companies, It's nice to know there is a media outlet that doesn't answer to anybody and has no political agenda. Even NPR is concerned with program content to get the maximum amount listerns and therefore the maximum government grants. WFMU isn't tied to anything except the listeners! That's it. No snarky liberal car talk or stupid british not-funny game shows. WAIT, WAIT, I DON'T CARE!!! No matter how much you pledge, it's worth it. Check out the full list of DJ premiums here. These are some of my favorites:

Dave Emory's Tea Party Fascism, 2011
Ever in stride, Dave presents the threads what lead to where we're at. (Data CD and new anti-fascist snack-food item/brain implant kit.)

Doug Schulkind's Love Your Motherlode, Volume 2
The mind-blowingest rarities Doug's downloaded for his "Mining the Audio Motherlode" blog posts: Soul, Samba, Psych, Salsa, Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk, Bollywood. Massive!

The Best Show On WFMU with Tom Scharpling Presents Don't Stop Me Now 2011 Best Show Fantasy Pack
A T-shirt! A poster! And a vinyl 7" with exclusive tracks by big acts recorded just for this premium! Our best yet! (Sizes available: M, LG, XL, XX)

Irwin's Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World - The Amanda Tapes, Vol. 2
The chaos continues as Irwin presents another set of juvenile growls, Indian hoots & monster beats from the Alabama power child. Compiled from newly discovered tapes.

Seven Second Delay T-shirt
(Sizes available: S, M, LG, XL, XX)

Nardwuar's Video Vault Chapter 2
A DVD compilation of some of Nardwuar's favourite interviews from the past couple months. Everything from Drizzy Drake to Black Flag to Florence and the Machine and much much more! Doot doola doot doo ... doot doo !

Underwater Theme Park presents 20 Degrees of Separation, Part 2
A set of songs where each new song is a cover of a song by the artist who covered the preceding song.

Sinner's Crossroads' Can I Get A Witness?
140 plus minute 2-CD collection of ecstatic preaching culled from radio broadcasts, homemade cassettes, and long lost commercial discs.

William Berger's Demo Hell
The renderings of tortured souls, sourced from cassettes, CD-Rs, obscure downloads and gifts. Vintage black metal demos in a dance with some newer noise electronics. Contributions from Physical Demon, Bob Bellerue, Husere Grav, Demon Sword, Explosive Improvised Device, and several others who dared scam a ride with Charon. Original drawing insert by Sarah Zahn.

Rare and Collectible Fine Wine - 25 Soulful Ultra-Obscurities from the Vaults
There's rare and there's rare. These are the one-offs, the un-Google-ables, the soul 45s that barely exist outside Mr. Fine Wine's living room.

Reggae Schoolroom's Reggae Dancing
Jeff Sarge presents a collection of reggae dance music that will get your body moving.

The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns presents
The yearly collectible CD featuring Jonesey and X Ray.

Gaylord Fields' All the Lady Singles
An epochal collection of the most glorious original 1960s girl-group 45s ever pressed, with every song brimming with hope, heartache and castanets.

So many awesome shows and awesome premiums to choose from. Go pledge here. Pick me up some of these 'cause I can't afford to get all the ones I want (obviously).

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